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Welcome to inboots.net! The purpose of this website/blog is to provide useful information for guys* who wear boots. The information will range from boot care and maintenance tips to some personal observations regarding the aesthetics of boots. As a guy with a boot fetish I am very passionate about boots. I don’t limit myself to a particular type of boot, although I am personally very interested in combat boots, tactical boots, logger boots and construction boots.

It is my objective through this website to create a repository of information that may be used to help men prolong the life of the boots that protect their feet and help them complete their tasks. Through proper care and respect, a pair of boots can last their owner several decades. That duration can facilitate a transformative process by which boots go from a fashion accessory or tool for the job to a familiar companion which can be relied on and trusted through whatever circumstances life may present.

[*While I write this blog directed toward men, it is possible that women may find valuable information as well. I do not discriminate against physical sex, but my interest is primarily in boots that could be considered “masculine”]

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