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Hi! My name is Curt and I am the author of this particular boot blog. I am interested in boots because of a personal fetish for them, which had been enhanced by a somewhat obsessive friend who also has a boot fetish. I have 20 pair of boots, 6 of which are logger boots. I have been encouraged into this particular style by my friend, but I find that I now have a very strong attraction to them. My favorite style of logger, and the one that I have the most pair of is Chippewa’s Super Logger style. I have them in both of their primary leather types, oiled black and bay apache. I have them in both steel and plain toe (and two of the plain toe bay apache). I am attracted to this particular style because of their rugged appearance and how well they break in. I also like the materials used by Chippewa to construct them because they are so easily maintained.

I have created this website because unlike most shoes which are selected for fashion or serve a function for a limited life span, boots can last for many years if taken care of properly. Boots that are made of natural leather tend to have a very organic way of aging, becoming softer and developing more character as they age. The boot making industry has realized this recently as well with the option to “recraft” old boots and restore them to service, in the tradition of cobblers, rather than replacing a pair simply because it is old. In the same spirit I intend this blog to serve as a resource for those interested in extending the life of their boots and keeping their boots from pre-maturely aging. While old, worn-in boots do have a certain character and romanticism, boots should get that way through earned miles of walking and genuinely use and not through abuse and neglect.

My philosophy on footwear is that there is an appropriate shoe for every task. While some are quite versatile, there are tasks that require special equipment, boots can often fall into either category. I recognize that I have more types and styles of boots and other footwear than most, but I do feel that it is possible for everyone to find a boot that will meet most of the needs of their lifestyle.


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  1. Hi Curt, Oh man I’m hard for boots and love loggers. I wear Redwing, Wesco, Chippewa and Georgia loggers size 11 E. I wear and love the Chippewa Super loggers man they make me hard and like to see other guys wearing them. I also wear all black leather combat boots new and old style and 8″ tan padded and non padded collar Timberland work boots. I sure like to talk to you one day about boots.
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